LG Released The Most Exciting Smartphone Of 2017: The V30

It’s been an interesting 2017 for smartphone fans. The key feature: almost non-existent bezels.

Samsung opened the year with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ for this, and LG followed suit with the G6. Of course, the first device to truly offer some crazy lack of bezels on the screen would be the Sharp Aquos.

Sharp Aquos Crystal, Released Aug 2014, Image via GSMArena

But what truly pushed the barriers was the Xiaomi Mi Mix. It was almost perfect, but was never released internationally (to which I am still wondering why).

Xiaomi Mi Mix, Released Nov 2016, Image via GSMArena

It’s now September 2017 and almost all major manufacturers (save for Apple) have released their respective flagships, some have a couple even.

And I’m calling it out now. The best smartphone device IMHO for 2017 goes to LG. It edges out the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because of the following points:

  • Color-grading in video – On top of all the other video features like:
  • Point Zoom – It’s a feature you have to see. It’s almost like a fantastic Ken Burns effect.
  • The build – from the display (perfect rounded number 6 inches) to the actual curved edges. Everyone concurs, it FEELS good to handle.
  • MIL-STD 810G – On top of being Water Resist. I shoot in the rain. This is great!
  • Wider Dual Lens – If I want to shoot portraits with good bokeh, I grab my Pentax K-5 and 50mm lens. My smartphone has essentially replaced my wide angle lenses.
  • Quad DAC – I love my music and this is a fantastic feature I’m looking forward to.
  • All of that on top of flagship features you’d expect of a device of this caliber.
  • At a price that is considerably cheaper than the Galaxy Note 8, or whatever Apple will come out with next week.

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and it’s a fantastic phone (writing a review on it), but the LG V30 has me thinking twice about keeping my Samsung phone. I honestly wanted to get the LG V20 last year, but for some reason LG decided not to release it in the UK.

If I do get a the V30, do expect to see a comprehensive review of it in real world applications!

Now let’s see what Apple will release next week. Will I regret calling the V30 the most exciting phone of 2017? We’ll see!

What do you think of the LG V30? I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below!

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